Desa ParkCity New High End Condominium next to SAFA Terraced House – Desa ParkCity

Following the success of Westside III, the developer of the affluent Desa ParkCity is crafting another high end condominium (537 units) in this highly sought after township; this time, at the northern side. Located in between SAFA terraced homes and the future ParkCity Town Centre, this will be another highly anticipated project in this thriving township.

Developer: Perdana ParkCity Sdn Bhd
Lot no: Lot 62141 and part of Lot 62170, Mukim Batu, District of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur (next to SAFA and opposite Sports Centre)
Land area: 4.7 acre
Tenure: Freehold
Change of zoning: Increase density from 66 ppa to 455 ppa
Status: planning stage/awaiting approval

Proposed Development:

Condominium – total 537 units
Tower 1/49 storey/467 units
Tower 2/10 storey/70 units
6 storey car park and facilities podium

Location Map:


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